Duca Del Cosma Kuba Shoe Review - We test out this unique golf shoe offering to see if there is some golfing substance behind the style

Product Overview

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Duca Del Cosma Kuba Shoe


  • Excellent grip and comfort out of the box


  • Bold styling won't be to everyone's taste


Duca Del Cosma Kuba Shoe

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Duca Del Cosma Kuba Shoe Review
This shoe is for fashion-conscious golfers who want spikeless comfort and performance.

Key technology
A waterproof membrane keeps the foot dry and is supported by a soft PU insert sole to provide extra comfort. The Airplay III TPU outsole provides grip and stability during the downswing, thanks to lateral stabilisers and 5mm cone-shaped nubs. A heightened heel section helps create a solid platform. A higher heel section aids comfort and adds stability to your stance during the swing.

GM Review

The design is clearly very eye-catching and won’t please the traditionalist, but it is ideal for those who enjoy their fashion and want a versatile golf shoe they can wear off the course, too.


The shoe feels light, but doesn’t skimp on grip during the swing or comfort walking between shots. The flexibility of the construction helps the legs feel more active through impact.

While the looks will almost certainly draw attention from your playing partners for being bold and different to anything out there on the market, we actually enjoyed the infusion of Italian fashion into a performance golf shoe.

The hero red, white and green design in the colours of the Italian flag won’t be for everyone, but there is a more subtle white and navy option available as well as some even more daring designs. Their eye-catching design with performance earned them a place on our Editor’s Choice List.

The Kuba shoe is very comfortable right out of the box, with a premium leather upper providing a soft feel and excellent grip coming from the cone-shaped nubs on the outsole.

Even on wet slopes, it dealt with the lies impressively well. You do also feel low to the ground, which a lot of golfers will enjoy, and it is very flexible, which makes it comfortable as a walking shoe and ideal for golfers who would benefit from a more dynamic lower-body movement.


The Duca Del Cosma Kuba is perfect if you want a pair of golf shoes that makes you stand out from the crowd but that will also offer a decent level of golf-specific performance and comfort.