Scottsdale TR Senita putter

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the new Ping Scottsdale TR Senita putter

Ping Scottsdale
Golf Monthly Verdict

GM verdict: The adjustability is excellent and very easy to use. After a couple of attempts, it?s simple to set the putter to a length you?re comfortable with. The groove design also works well ? when putting from a wide range of distances it was easy to control the pace. When you slightly miss the middle of the face, particularly on long putts, the ball still rolls out. But.. due to the adjustability, the grip is relatively thick, meaning it won?t appeal to all. PGA pro verdict: Another great product from this innovative manufacturer. I was able to adjust the putter length immediately to suit my putting style, and this gave a feeling of control and a consistent strike. The larger grip size, due to the telescopic adjustment process, gave a feeling of improved control, as this complemented the slightly heavier feel. I would be only too happy to use this excellent product both in coaching and tournament play. Test Team Rating: Performance: 5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 5/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5

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Key technology:

Adjustability allows the lengths of putters in the new Ping range to be set anywhere between 31 and 38 inches. The shaft is unscrewed from below the grip to set the length. A new face insert features variable-depth grooves, which are deepest in the centre and get gradually shallower to the perimeter, for nearly identical ball speeds across the face.

Will suit.... players who like to tweak their putter set-up.

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