Ping Ketsch Putter

The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Ping Ketsch Putter

Golf Monthly Verdict

From the moment I saw the Ketsch, everything looked right. The design of the head is simple yet striking, while the easy alignment, True Roll Technology and adjustable shaft length made it a joy to use. I was able to dial into the pace of the greens with ease, and also felt very confident when faced with short putts. The slightly larger-than-standard Golf Pride grip fitted into my hands perfectly, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending this product.

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The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Ping Ketsch putter

Ping Ketsch Putter 10 Point Test Report:


1. Address view Compared to other mid and oversize mallets, The Ketsch putter features simple but effective sight lines that really stand out against the dark head. The head shape is pleasing to look down on, and it’s very clear when it isn’t pointing on the intended line.

2. Shelf appeal Modern, streamlined and with a stylish black colour scheme, the Ketsch putter looks fantastic in the bag and in the hands. The overall look isn’t too fussy, which adds to its appeal.


3. Grip Because of the shaft adjustability, the grip is thicker than you will get on many standard offerings. This helps to keep the hands quiet during the stroke. If you prefer a thinner grip, there is a non-adjustable version available.


4. Face design Ping’s True Roll Technology features grooves that are deepest in the centre of the face, becoming shallower towards the heel and toe. This means that ball speeds are consistent across the face for improved distance control.

5. Adjustability The length of the shaft can be set anywhere between 31 and 38 inches using an adjustment tool.

6. Stroke type The Ketsch is available in three shaft bends, each designed to suit a different stroke type; straight, slight arc and strong arc.


7. Forgiveness The weighting and shape of the head mean it feels easy to deliver the face square on to the ball at impact. The Counterbalanced model (which has extra weight in the top of the grip to make the club more stable) makes this particularly easy, and those who have struggled under pressure in the past will find fantastic forgiveness on offer.

8. Consistency Ping’s True Roll Technology groove design, combined with a stable head, does a great job of producing a consistent roll. You can putt knowing that even if you don’t make the perfect stroke, the ball will still roll out a similar distance each time.

9. Distance control Some counterbalanced models take a little bit of time to get used to, but the Ketsch’s grooves help to make adapting easier. You soon realise that you can let the club do much of the work to get the ball to the hole, even from long distances.

10. Feel The Counterbalanced model will feel very different to those who haven’t used one before. It feels very easy to make a controlled stroke and helps discourage deceleration into the ball.

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