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Odyssey Teron White Hot XG putter


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Clubhouse Golf

As with Odyssey’s previous modern-mallet designs, stability is the key. Heavy alignment wings move the majority of weight to the outer edges of the putter, which dramatically increases the moment of inertia. White, black and red markings appear on the outer wings as well as the inner-alignment aid to help start the putter in the intended direction. The White Hot XG insert provides the soft feel and consistent roll that regular Odyssey users will be familiar with.


This is a fine example of Odyssey at its best with a putter that could provide a welcome injection of confidence for anyone struggling on the greens. As ever with Odyssey’s White Hot inserts, the face is extremely soft – so long putts will need to be hit hard. However, it is from around 10ft and in where those having trouble on the greens will certainly notice the benefits of this extremely stable design.