Nike Method Concept putter

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Nike Method Concept putter

Nike Method Concept putter
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The impressive, and rare, combination of a forgiving putter that doesn’t compromise judgment from long distances. The grooves of the Nike Method Concept putter produce a smooth roll, to help distance control. Some will immediately dismiss the Nike Method Concept putter because of the unusual shape of the head. It will take a little getting used to the weight. PGA Pro verdict This may appeal to some, but I struggled with the look. It’s nicely manufactured and the feel was very nice. I could judge feel and distance control really well and its performance did not disappoint. The grip was slightly larger than standard, but felt great in the hands and this face-balanced putter did feel good. But we often choose product on aesthetics, and this one I would struggle with. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs

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A lightweight aluminium face is combined with a heavy steel body to position the centre of gravity further back and lower in the head of the Nike Method Concept putter. This should help to get the ball rolling quicker and offer the stability of a large-headed putter. The red area is designed to contrast against the grass, but the body should blend in, giving the impression of a blade. Polymetal Groove Technology remains and is designed to help produce a smooth roll with no skidding as well as providing a soft feel.

The Nike Method Concept putter will suit anyone who wants a forgiving putter without it being enormous

Credit must go to Nike here for producing a model unlike anything else on the market. The design of the Nike Method Concept putter initially looks bizarre, but when you look down on it at address you focus on the blade area and soon forget about the unusual body shape. It felt very easy to deliver the putter square at impact without the normal issues that high MOI putters have on long-range putts. Some will dismiss the design immediately, but give it a try and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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