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Dreamliner Eye Alignment putter


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Clubhouse Golf

The Dreamliner Eye Alignment putter‘s head design helps position the eyes straight over the ball and on your intended starting line. A red dot on the base must be lined up with lines on the top of the putter. It is sold through professional shops and so comes with a custom-fitting set-up of the putter that is right for you.

The Dreamliner Eye Alignment putter will suit those who struggle with putting alignment.



The theory behind the product works really well and helps make sure your eyes are over the ball. 
 The head shape will take some getting used to. PGA Pro verdict This sparked an interest as it really helps with the keys of alignment and weight. Its top view design and near-centre shaft makes the player concentrate on face positioning. Putters rarely excite me, but this gets the thumbs up! (John Jacobs)