In this Easygreen OLED Vision Pro laser rangefinder review, Joel Tadman puts it through its paces out on the golf course.

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EasyGreen Vision Pro Rangefinder


  • Simple to use, clear adjustable graphics and it is easy to toggle the slope functionality. An excellent all rounder for the price.


  • It's smaller size and and lighter weight makes it slightly unsteady. White sections discolour easily.


Easygreen OLED Vision Pro Laser Rangefinder


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Easygreen OLED Vision Pro Laser Rangefinder Review

This compact and lightweight laser rangefinder is a very compelling option within what is an extremely competitive category.

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The display of the Easygreen OLED Vision Pro laser rangefinder has a thin carbon-based film built into the screen and when electricity hits the organic material, it lights up. The view through the eyepiece is what impressed us most when we used it for the first time, plus the look and feel is a lot more premium than the price tag suggests.

The clarity of the display makes it easy to spot points of interest and zap the pin for a precise yardage, helped by the large 17mm diameter eyepiece.


When you locate the pin, you get a nice vibrating burst go through the device to confirm that you’re locked onto the pin thanks to the Pin Tracker function and the distance displays almost instantly.

The display and graphics are clear with a yardage to the pin displayed at the top with the slope calculation and the actual playing yardage shown at the bottom.

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The slope functionality is easily turned off with the flick of a button so this device can be legally used in tournament play too – a green light at the front will flash when the Slope function is disabled.

Another great feature on this laser is the ability to change the brightness of the graphics in the display.

7_Easygreen OLED PRO_Brightness

By pressing the two buttons on top of the device together, you can toggle between five brightness settings depending on the lighting.

We found this really useful during our testing as light conditions were constantly changing on what was a windy day with the sun coming in and out of the clouds, although we’d have preferred the brightness of the background to change more than just the graphics.

As compact and lightweight and this rangefinder is – it weighs just 145g – this construction makes a little susceptible to instability in the wind.

When we tested it on a calm day the device excelled, however, when conditions got a bit windier, it forced us to put two hands over what is a very small device – this took away somewhat from the overall user experience.

Its compact nature does mean it leaves a very small footprint when hanging off your bag and it also comes in a stylish and protective carry case as standard although IPX4 protection should keep light showers at bay.


A compact, lightweight laser rangefinder that remains easy to use and offers a nice blend of simplicity with useful features. Some may want something that fills the hand more, but the view through the display is one of the best you'll experience, making it easier to pick out the flag and other points of interest.