In this Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 irons review, Scott Kramer takes a set out on the fairways for multiple rounds to put them through their paces

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Irons


  • Distance-oriented clubs with bells and whistles, these also deliver accuracy and solid feel for a gamut of skill levels. And at a nice price.


  • The wider sole and thicker top line may not visually appealing to better players.


Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Irons


Price as reviewed:

£70.00 (US dollars per club)

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Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Irons Review

The official word from Tour Edge: these are high-tech distance irons with enhanced forgiveness for competitive golfers. Going out on a short limb, we say that’s spot on.

They’re cavity backs that can achieve similar results to clubs at the top end of the market. While Tour Edge doesn’t call them players’ distance irons like other brands, that’s essentially what they are. Yet they will have a broader appeal to mid-handicaps, as well.


They’re designed to be all about maxing out distance and forgiveness. They’re made with a soft stainless steel that helps dampen impact vibration, as well.

An expanded undercut cavity moves more weight back in each clubhead. That adds forgiveness, shot trajectory, power and consistent performance. The high MOI improves shot dispersion, too, which will help shots find their target more often.

In fact, weight out at the toe elongates the sweet spot, so more of your mis-hits will feel and perform as if you hit the bullseye. Plus, a wide sole lowers the CG, which translates to cleaner, more-consistent impact with less digging into the ground.

These are traditionally shaped, with plenty of face height that gives you confidence at address. The top line is a little bit thick, but the edges are beveled and that somehow makes it look more elegant and high-end.

Our testing revealed a few things. First, impact feel is outstanding – emitting a solid and crisp thud. Second, it’s easy to see that the clubs immediately try to be forgiving on every shot – the norm is clearly a beautifully straight ball flight, with just a little bit of draw at the end.

Speaking of, there’s a slightly noticeable offset that should appeal to most players. Finally, Tour Edge made this set with stronger lofts. So getting distance is not an issue. It’s available as a seven-piece set.


These irons are surprising pleasant, with respect to distance, feel and ball flight. It’s easy to see older, better players graduate to this set once their skills diminish away from blades. Or up-and-comers who want to shed their thick cavity backs and get something more appropriate for their blossoming game.