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Snake Eyes 675C and 675XC


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Clubhouse Golf

The 675C’s are a shallow cavity back iron designed for mid-to-low handicappers. They have the thin topline and minimal offset of a muscle back for feel and workability but with a cavity that provides forgiveness. The 675XC are designed for mid-handicappers who want a game improvement set that is also pleasing to the eye. They have a deeper cavity than the 675C’s but the heads are still precision forged and each face is CNC milled for great feel.


Two well made and impressive looking sets of irons that are difficult to separate. There are slight differences to look down on with - as you would expect ? a slightly sleeker head on the better player?s 675C but the differences are certainly not extreme. The 675XC?s offer more forgiveness but with very little lost in terms of feel or feedback. With such subtle differences I would be tempted to go for the XC?s which are more forgiving but still look fantastic.