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Ping Rapture V2 Irons


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Clubhouse Golf

By using steel for the body, titanium for the face and tungsten weights in the sole, the new generation of Ping Raptures has optimal perimeter weighting for a more forgiving strike. The lofts of each iron have been “strengthened” to offer extra distance while maintaining an optimal launch angle. Their patented flat top hosel also works to reduce the amount of stress generated at impact for a better overall feel. The heads have a deep satin finish for a high quality appearance.


Just about the most forgiving irons I’ve ever hit. The combination of perfectly weighted, deep cavity heads and high-quality graphite shafts meant any contact with the clubhead, however peripheral, still produced an impressive flight. My only concern was when I hit the ball flush out of the centre – it was hard to judge the extra distance generated. The deep satin finish is a departure for Ping, but makes the ball stand out.