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PING K15 irons


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Clubhouse Golf

Designed to be the most forgiving set of irons in Ping’s range, the K15 irons can be combined with hybrids to make a combination set. A lightweight titanium face is combined with a stainless steel body and a wide sole to help launch the ball higher. The lightweight face is 
the largest in Ping’s range to provide plenty of forgiveness.

The PING K15 irons will suit players who really struggle to get the ball airborne and/or those who have problems with their alignment.

Pictures: PING K15 irons pictures

RRP: £105 (S), £120 (G) per club 


It was hard to see how Ping could add a set to their range that was more forgiving than the G15. But the K15 irons achieve this with enormous heads and extremely wide soles that combine to produce hybrid-like performance. The heads are so big that they even make it easy to line up at the intended target. These will prove a godsend for anyone who struggles to get the ball airborne. The ball flies so high that is also stops extremely quickly. Without switching to an all-out hybrid set these are as forgiving as it gets. The weighting in the head produces a towering flight. We felt that the G15 irons were difficult to hit off tight lies and this is even more the case here. The cavity is so large it can be seen at address in the long clubs.