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While the Ping G20 irons maintain the Ping 
’G’ look, they have changed the weighting in the head and modified the feel. Impressive forgiveness remains, but with a better all-round performance. 
Ping has opted for a lighter finish than in the Ping K15 and the head itself is slightly more compact to look down on. There is still plenty of confidence-inspiring forgiveness on show.

We felt as if Ping could have been more ambitious in separating the look of the G20 on the shelf from its predecessor. The cosmetic changes do not reflect the improvements made. The new 
CFS is the steel 
stock offering from Ping. It helped to produce a long flight on test. The TFC 169i is the graphite offering and will help anyone looking for a higher launch.

Ping’s stock grip provided plenty of grip when tested in both dry and wet conditions. It is slightly thicker than most stock offerings and was an impressive performer. 
Extreme perimeter weighting  within the stainless steel head helps to improve forgiveness and accuracy. This extra weight is found by making the face of the club extremely thin.

The cavity badge is made from aluminium with soft elastomer in the heel and toe. This helps 
to provide a better feel. The hosel-to-head transition 
is designed to 
inspire confidence.

RRP: £80 per club (S), £100 (G)

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If a higher flight is what you're striving for, these should certainly make it onto your test list. A careful fitting to find the right shaft is important for golfers of every level. The hallmark of the G family success over the years, this has not been compromised in the latest offering. A superb blend of forgiveness from a head that doesn't feel too chunky. 
In terms of feel, for us, this was a big area of improvement that really helped the G20 stand out, especially from earlier G5 and G10 models. Lower handicappers will enjoy the feedback. 
The overall power on offer will be a popular benefit of the G20. Controlling this would only be a problem if the wrong shaft is delivering excess spin and a ballooning flight. PGA pro verdict Retaining similar looks to the G15, the G20 felt and performed well. The thinner faces gave excellent feedback and provided a higher launch due to the wider sole and low centre of gravity. Visually they looked neat and beautifully finished. The tuning port and the neck design allow a vast array of custom options. The stronger lofts help to produce high, long ball flights. (By Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs)