G25 irons

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Ping G25 irons

Ping G25 irons
Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdict: I had the opportunity to play several rounds with these, and they delivered on each occasion. I compared them on a launch monitor to the G20 set, and found higher ball speeds at impact, as well as more consistent yardages from off-centre hits. They?re beautifully engineered, with clean lines, modern looks, and playability to match - by Top 25 Coach John Jacobs. Test team rating: Performance: 5/5 Visual appeal: 4.5/5 Innovation: 4.5/5 Value: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.5/5

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1) Address view - Almost unrecognisable compared to the G20 irons. The more compact head features a dark finish, and the visuals would be more at home in the mid-size category than the game-improvement group.

2) Shelf appeal - The whole G25 range has undergone a significant facelift. The cavity design is more subtle and stripped back than previous versions.  


3) Stock shaft - Ping's CFS shaft is the stock steel option, available in soft-regular, regular, stiff and s-stiff. During testing this, combined with the new head, produced a slightly lower flight than the G20 irons.

4) Grip - As ever, the standard Ping grip option is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit different hands. The ID8 is available in standard or full-cord options.


5) Construction - Heel and toe support bars and weighting low in the toe help to stabilise the face at impact and provide optimal ball speeds. The soles are wider in the long irons, with slightly more offset, to provide added forgiveness.

6) Weighting - A Custom Tuning Port (CTP) is integrated into the bottom of the sole, which moves mass lower. This relieves stress from the face. The weight saved helps lower the centre of gravity and increase forgiveness.


7) Feel - The G25s are very solid from all areas of the face, with shots slightly out of the heel and toe feeling just like shots

from the middle. This will appeal to those looking to boost confidence.

8) Flight - Slightly lower than the G20, which, along with the more compact head, will broaden the appeal. The long irons are still easy to flight, and there's no danger of shorter clubs ballooning.

9) Distance control - Although the flight was slightly lower, there was still plenty of spin on the ball when hitting into greens. Overall distances throughout the set were similar to the G20 irons. 

10) Forgiveness - What's most impressive about this set is the level of forgiveness on offer, in a head that looks much better than previous G iron models. The narrower soles improve playability, without sacrificing forgiveness.

Paul joined Golf Monthly in 2006 in a junior role and has since worked as senior staff writer and now as technical editor. He writes equipment and instruction content and tests the vast majority of golf clubs that are introduced every year.