Wilson Staff Utility Iron

Does it deliver the performance and versatility we were hoping for?

Wilson Staff Utility Iron Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

All in all, we really enjoyed using this Wilson Staff utility and coming in at under £170 provides excellent value for golfers seeking a versatile, iron-like club to sit inbetween their fairway wood and longest iron.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Pleasing shape that is neither too compact or chunky. Produces impressive ball speeds and a strong flight.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Clicky sound won't be to everyone's taste. Dirt gathers in the screw hole on the sole.

Wilson Staff Utility Iron Review - Joel Tadman tests the new Wilson Staff utility that was inspired by tour players seeking distance and versatility

Wilson Staff Utility Iron Review

Key Technology - Designed to deliver a combination of distance, reliability and forgiveness thanks to seven grams of weight positioned low in the club head for increased launch. - A high-strength maraging steel face delivers greater ball speeds across the entire face for improved distances. - Available in three lofts of 18˚, 21˚ and 24 in right-hand only with a KBS Tour Hybrid stock shaft.


GM Review Staff player Gary Woodland created buzz around this product using it to such effect in 2019, including his US Open win at Pebble Beach.

On first inspection, it looks like a versatile club that could do lots of different jobs and this proved to be the case. Testing on the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor showed that it translates club speed into impressive ball speeds very well on a strong, penetrating flight.


Looks-wise, it's a pleasing shape with a thick-ish topline that inspires confidence without looking chunky. Some may prefer less offset at address but the polished finish is pleasing on the eye.

The sound was a little more clicky than I was hoping for, and I was expecting the 21° option we tested to flight the ball a little higher, but with a touch more spin it able to strike a good balance between distance and stopping power. The KBS hybrid shaft also impressed, feel both stable and powerful, helping control the clubface while maximizing speed.

Out on the course, it gave us a reliable and accurate option off tees of tight par fours and it was proficient from the turf too, although dirt does tend to gather in the screw hole on the sole.