Titleist 818 Hybrids Review - Neil Tappin found out if the extra moveable weight would deliver improved performance in the new Titleist 818 Hybrids

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Titleist 818 Hybrids


  • The contrast between the two Titleist 818 hybrids is much clearer to see. The performance might be very similar but the looks are not and we liked that. If you want a big, confidence inspiring hybrid the H1 is for you. Alternatively the H2 will suit those who have traditionally leant towards long irons.


  • The hybrids section is a busy part of the golf equipment market. The Titleist 818 hybrids are classic and somewhat understated. They might not stand out on the shelf quite as much as they should given the technology and performance on offer.


Titleist 818 Hybrids


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For many years now there have been two hybrids to choose from within the Titleist range – a larger H1 model and a slimmer, more traditional-looking H2. In the latest iteration of these clubs, the Titleist 818 hybrids, the differences between them, in appearance at least, are far more clearly defined.

The H1 is similar in profile and appearance to the previous generation 816 version. It is a confidence-inspiring, powerful-looking club that for many amateur golfers will fit the bill nicely. The big change however, comes with the H2 version. It is smaller, more iron-like in its profile with a higher toe section. In fact, when looking at the face there is something of the old TaylorMade Rescue clubs about it.

Titleist 818 hybrids H2

The other important point to talk about here is the moveable SureFit CG weight that sits within the sole. We saw this for the first time in the Titleist 917 woods range and now it appears in the hybrid. It’s a truly innovative piece of technology that allows you to alter the centre of gravity and create a shape bias within the club. If you want a hybrid that you can set up to stop you from hitting a slice or a hook, this should definitely make it onto your test list.

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As the data here shows, the performance differences were to put it mildly, negligible. There was nothing to choose between the ball speed, launch angle and spin rates. The resulting carry of 220 yards is exactly what I would want from a 20˚ hybrid.

Titleist 818 hybrids data

In many ways, this is the point of the new Titleist 818 hybrids. With launch monitor performance so similar, your choice needs to be based on how you swing the club and what you are looking for in a hybrid. For me, as someone who has tended to struggle with hybrids over the years it was a no-brainer. The slimmer H2 looked much better to my eye, framed the ball beautifully and the smaller head felt like it got through the turf (fairway and rough) better during my on-course testing. It may be that you require a hybrid to hit a lot of approach shots with from the fairway and the bigger H1 is more confidence-inspiring.

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Either way, both of these clubs have been designed to be used to attack greens. They aren’t all-out power machines but more designed to hit all important distance gaps at the top end of the bag. Of course, with so much loft adjustability on offer, a good fitting will be required to find your perfect match.


Whether you are regular hybrid user or someone who has tended to drift towards long irons, there is something for you within the new range of Titleist 818 hybrids. The two shapes are quite different but both are easy to hit, offer plenty of forgiveness and launch on a good trajectory. The moveable centre off gravity technology is also very useful if you have a bad shot you want to guard against. The good news is that the technology and design skill here has been aimed squarely at help golfers with one of the toughest areas of the game – approaching greens from distance.