Mizuno CLK Hybrid

We test out the Mizuno CLK hybrid for 2020 out on the course

Golf Monthly Verdict

The Mizuno CLK hybrid is an excellent club that is a really good option for mid and low handicappers who want a bit more forgiveness and a higher flight than a traditional long iron. It’s easy to hit from a variety of lies the extra bit of playability and control is a welcome addition if you’re an average ball striker.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good-looking clubhead that produces a stable feel and strong ball flight from different lies. Loft adjustability bolsters versatility.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A little less forgiving than some other hybrids, wide hosel may catch your eye.

In this Mizuno CLK hybrid review, Kit Alexander takes a 19° option out on the course to see how it performs off the tee, into greens and from the rough

Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review

Mizuno is famous for its irons, but the Japanese brand has been producing some sneakily-good metalwoods in recent years too, most notably in the ST200 drivers and fairways.


The CLK is the more compact and workable of the three hybrids in its current range but actually has a wider address profile than the previous version.

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It shape and size strikes the perfect balance for us at address. The silver crown is subtle and the white grooves draw attention to the loft at your disposal.


It sits nice and flush to the ground and the leading has quite a gradual curve from heel-to-toe, which gives it a more traditional look than some of the larger, more wood-like hybrids on the market.

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The wider hosel design might split opinion from a visual perspective, but it’s there for a very good reason.


This Quick Switch hosel enables the loft of each of the four models to be altered by +/- 2°, so you can create a hybrid with a loft of 14° all the way up to 27° in every loft in between.  The lie angle is also adjustable to for those who require this for cleaner strikes or to alter the shot shape bias.

This extra level of customisation to make sure the distance and flight fits exactly where you need it to between your woods and irons is great, but we’d recommend you use a pro or fitter to help you find the optimum setting for you.


It sounds and feels very solid at impact. The ball speed off the face is good, competitive with other hybrids we've tested this year, and in the 19° model we tested it produces a mid-to-high flight that worked both off the tee and into greens.

It’s pretty workable for a hybrid as you’re able to move the ball both ways and bring the flight down a bit lower if needs be. That playability comes at the cost of a little forgiveness compared to a more game-improver club, but there’s still enough margin for error for most reasonable players.


The Wave Sole design didn't seem to effect turf interaction, but testing in the wetter conditions of winter did gather dirt at times when hitting off the deck.

It has all the versatility you want from this club and we used it effectively off the tee, from the fairway and out some of some reasonably thick rough.

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