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Cobra Baffler Rail hybrid


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Clubhouse Golf

The Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid

Key technology

The steel face insert gives a faster ball speed at impact and allows 10% of the weight to be moved low and back in the head for a high, penetrating ball flight.

Will suit

The Cobra Baffler Rail hybrid will suit someone who has a lack of confidence with their long irons and likes a smart-looking hybrid.



I really like the way the Cobra Baffler Rail hybrid sat at address in the semi-rough. The ball just begs to be hit. More of a personal thing, but I didn’t feel as comfortable when the ball was on the tee. (Tested by GM's James Mason) PGA Pro verdict (Tested by John Jacobs) I am a great fan of this product. At address the club sat slightly closed for me, but it did help to promote a draw. On strike it definitely did not disappoint and the ball speed felt great off the face. I tried it also from poor lies and found it to be very good with results that I would not expect from a rescue.