Product Overview


Cobra AMP Hybrid


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Clubhouse Golf


1.) Stock shaft

The Aldila RIP shaft made for Cobra is available in a variety of flexes,
weights and kick points to help you find the type of flight you need.

2.) Grip

The stock orange offering is more of a talking point than any other grip on
the market. Opinion will be divided but performance wise the Lambkin
R.E.L. 3GEN offers a soft feel and plenty of grip.


3.) Face Design

The face is deeper than previous Cobra Hybrids and is made from
high-strength steel, allowing it to be made thinner to help increase
ball speed.

4.) Head Design

The walls of the head
have been made thinner to save wights. This allows 15g to be moved deep
and back in the head to help maximise distance.


5.) Address view

The silver head really helps the black face face stand out to aid
alignment, but doesn’t reduce glare like a matt white finish does.
Adjustability means you can make the face sit how you like it.

6.) Shelf Appeal

There has been a lot of talk about the AMP range thanks to the unmistakeable
orange-and-silver look. Some will hate it to start with, but don’t let
it put you off giving the product a try.


7.)  Flight

This hybrid produces a higher than average flight but without adding too
much spin. The results are added distance through the air, something
that most players will appreciate. The 17 degree model on test flew
higher than a 20 degree 3-iron with added overall distance.

8.) Forgiveness

The slightly smaller head will appeal to more confident ball strikers
compared with the Baffler T-Rail. It still offers enough forgiveness to
attract mid-handicappers but is more like a long iron than a fairway

9.) Feel

Like the AMP driver and fairway
woods, this produces a high-pitched noise combined with a powerful feel.
Strikes from the middle feel almost iron-like.

10.) Distance control

One of the benefits of a high flight with less roll is that you know more
precisely how far the ball is travelling. When trying both a 17 degree
and a 19 degree there were clear differences in flight distance. There
would be no issue in putting two of these in the bag.



PGA pro verdict on Cobra AMP hybrid: I tried this after testing some long irons and it emphasised how much easier it is to hit a hybrid. The flight was very consistent and it was a nice touch to have adjustability on a hybrid club. I could shape the ball, which is unusual for a hybrid club. The sole design meant that it impressed from all types of lie. Test team rating: Performance - 4/5 Visual appeal - 3/5 innovation - 4/5 Value - 4/5 Overall - 4/5