The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Benross HOT Speed 2 fairway wood

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Benross HOT Speed 2


  • The entire HOT Speed 2 range offers fantastic performance for players wanting a blend of forgiveness, distance and workability. This fairway wood is no exception, with a head and shaft combination that work brilliantly together. The head size makes it a great alternative from the tee if the driver isn’t firing. However, it isn’t so big that you would struggle from the rough or tight fairways. The shaft will suit golfers with mid to slow swing speeds.


  • Players with particularly fast swing speeds will produce too much spin with the HOT Speed 2, and get better results from the Benross RIP Speed 2 offering. Meanwhile, the MAX fairway is more forgiving.


Benross HOT Speed 2 fairway wood review


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Key Technology: Benross HOT Speed 2 fairway wood review

The HOT Speed 2 range slots into the middle of the three core Benross families. A split dual crown design offers a combination of distance and forgiveness, while a new Tuning Cartridge weight in the sole helps to improve the sound at impact. High-quality Golf Pride MultiCompound grips are fitted as standard in all three of the Benross ranges.

Will suit…Anyone looking for a fairway wood that’s effective from both the tee and turf.


Benross should be proud of this product. I used the HOT Speed 2 fairway in both practice and tournament play, and its performance was amazing. It was easy to use, gave a pleasing high launch angle from the fairway, and I even gained a few extra yards. It has a solid feel, and also looks great, with an impeccable finish. You will struggle to find a nicer fairway wood.