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  • Variable weights mean you are able to shape your shots more easily.


r7 Quad


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Clubhouse Golf

TaylorMade have pushed the boat out with the r7 and its nifty moveable weights. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a driver that allows you to unscrew vital components might look a bit strange. But you’d be wrong. This is every bit as classy as its 5 series predecessor. The r7 by TaylorMade really does represent a quantum leap in technology. The idea is that you can move the weight cartridges to help you hit the ball on the trajectory you want.


Better players will find they're able to shape their shots more easily but higher handicappers shouldn't expect to be able to nail low stinging draws all day. In testing, we found that moving the weights around did make a difference in terms of how the club felt but just how much control you'll be able to exert over the ball will depend on your skill level.