PING Rapture 3 Wood

The Golf Monthly test team reviews the PING Rapture 3 Wood

Golf Monthly Verdict

It’s wonderful to see Ping produce a titanium 3-wood design. Although it’s very expensive, on test it was clear that the materials have been used to fantastic effect to create an outstanding performer. The consistently straight shots it offered off a tee peg make it a great choice if you’re playing a particularly tight course, or are looking to keep the ball down.

Reasons to buy
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    The sound and feel of this multi-material design is outstanding, very similar to smaller-headed drivers of days gone by. The control is also extremely impressive, particularly considering the smaller face. It produced lots of run on the ball, and would be a particularly useful club in windy conditions, as the flight was actually lower than with a driver.

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Reasons to avoid
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    This isn’t a club you will be able to use from a variety of lies. It’s predominantly for use off a tee peg, and only very confident players will want to use the design off the fairway. The inclusion of this in the bag leaves some interesting decisions to be made in your line-up.

The Golf Monthly test team reviews the PING Rapture 3 Wood

Ping Rapture 3 Wood Key Technology:

This multi-material 3-wood is designed as a longer 3-wood or driver alternative. It features a titanium body, high-strength beta-titanium face and a tungsten sole to increase ball speeds but minimise spin. Almost 25 per cent of the head’s mass is located in the tungsten weight, resulting in a low centre of gravity. Its 13-degree, deeper-face profile sits between a driver and a fairway.

Will suit... Those who want a driver replacement to improve accuracy off the tee.