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Nike SQ Machspeed Black driver


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Clubhouse Golf

Following on from last year’s MACHSPEED driver the head is designed to be aerodynamic when swinging to help increase swing speed for added distance. This year’s model is available in a forgiving square model and a more workable round head. Both produce lower spin rates than the original driver. Nike’s STR8-FIT technology allows the head to be set in eight face-angle options ranging from 2° open to 2° closed.

The new Nike SQ Machspeed Black driver will suit those who like to tweak their driver and change their ball flight and/or anyone wanting a forgiving head in the fashionable black finish.

The 2009 SQ Machspeed was unusual in shape but produced impressive results. The round head option on test here produced solid results on a noticeably lower flight than last year’s offering. Whether this is a benefit or not will depend on your swing and the ball flight you prefer 
to produce.



The new Nike SQ Machspeed Black driver is visually a better looking driver than last year’s and more workable. The black design helped the face markings stand out and gave the impression of plenty of loft. The high ball flight without adding extra loft was a plus point in last year’s model. The new model’s lower flight will suit some but not those with slower swing speeds. PGA Pro verdict Another striking driver in black as the name suggests. Using the Str8-Fit technology, this product was easy to flight, however the Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft was very ‘torquey’, suggesting that it may not suit certain swing speeds. The top view looked very appealing, something that Nike needed to improve on with recent models. Finish again will be difficult to maintain on the face and sole (John Jacobs)