Yonex Ezone XP driver

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Golf Monthly Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Yonez Ezone XP driver

Yonex Ezone XP driver review
Yonex Ezone XP
Golf Monthly Verdict

GM verdict:While many golfers benefit from lightweight designs, there are also plenty who struggle with control and consistency when they can't feel the head while swinging. Yonex designers have addressed this brilliantly with the new XP line. The new technology works best in the driver, where it feels as though you're swinging a more traditional weight of driver, but with the distance benefits of modern lightweight models. There's also plenty of forgiveness on offer. But... the red and black crown won't be to all tastes. PGA pro verdict:This very striking driver was easy to use in all adjustable loft options, and was very powerful at impact. The flight produced subtle, but measurable, changes when I adjusted the hosel settings, and this really gave me confidence that it would perform as required. The crown design helped with alignment at address, making it easy to start the ball in the intended direction. Test Team Rating:Performance: 5/5Visual appeal: 4/5Innovation: 5/5Value: 4.5/5Overall: 4.5/5

Key technology:

The ‘XP' stands for extra power, which has been achieved by increasing the weight of the head, but without making the swing weight heavier. A lighter shaft has been introduced, while the grip is weighted with 20 grams of tungsten powder in the butt end. This should increase swing speed without affecting the feel.

Will suit:

Players after a lightweight shaft, but with added control.