Nike RZN Black ball review

Here is the Golf Monthly Nike RZN Black ball review

nike rzn black ball review
Nike RZN Black ball
Golf Monthly Verdict

This version of Nike’s RZN balls was long off the tee and created less spin, which made the driving distance exceptional. I also really liked the performance around the greens, as the spin rate was predictable and consistent. Another advantage was that it putted really nicely, particularly on longer putts. Whatever your preference, though, there’s a ball to suit in this range.

Reasons to buy
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    As with previous versions, the RZN Black offers a stable ball flight and copes very well in the wind. This new version also offers decent distance off the tee, which Nike engineers say is due to the new core design. It spins less than the RZN Platinum, which is ideal if you tend to spin the ball a lot off the tee and want to control the flight you produce. Players with average to slow swing speeds will get more out of the RZN White and Red balls, including more distance off the tee and added spin when hitting approach shots into greens.

Reasons to avoid
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    The durability on offer is very impressive for a urethane-covered ball, but the feel provided off the putter face is still extremely soft.

Here is the Golf Monthly Nike RZN Black ball review, telling you all you need to know about the ball of choice of Rory McIlroy

Key Technology: Nike RZN Black ball review

Nike’s resin material is used again in the core, but the design has been advanced. Resin is lighter and faster than rubber, which allows weight to be moved to the perimeter to make the ball more stable. The resin core design now grips with the compression layer for better energy transfer at impact. The Black is designed to offer less spin off the tee than the Platinum version.

Will suit... Those looking for a soft feel and an impressive flight.