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Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball review


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Clubhouse Golf

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This four-piece ball has a 70 compression for a soft feel. A soft core provides feel and low driver spin, two mantle layers promote velocity, while the urethane cover generates spin and control.


GM verdict:The soft feel is reminiscent of the Dx2 Soft ball, but with the added spin control of a urethane cover. Performance is particularly impressive on wedge shots, where feel is paramount.But... some will prefer a firmer sound and feel off the driver.PGA pro verdict:This new ball gave me both performance and feel. It was delightful around the greens, and also excellent to putt with. Distance was surprisingly good off the tee, too. Test team rating:Performance: 4/5Visual appeal: 4/5Innovation: 4/5Value: 4.5/5Overall: 4/5