In this Clear Tour Green Ball review, Nico Bollini puts this intriguing ball in play to see what type of feel and performance golfers can expect

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Overall rating:

Clear Golf Tour Green Ball


  • This ball feels soft around the greens but still comes off the driver fast. Very comparable to other premium balls out there.


  • It has an initial clicky feeling which could put some people off, as could the punchy price tag.


Clear Golf Tour Green Ball


Price as reviewed:

£58.00 (US Dollars per dozen inc. shipping)

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Clear Golf Tour Green Ball Review

The Clear Golf Tour Green is the four-piece ball used by Charl Schwartzel, which is designed to strike the ideal balance between distance and control around the greens, unlike the more distance-orientated Tour Black ball.

It is only available online, so we bought a dozen from their website and they took about a week to arrive.

Upon unboxing a set of these balls and juggling with a wedge, the first takeaway is the slightly clicky sound. But when placed on the ground and used with a putter or for chipping about, the softness of the cover becomes apparent.


It almost feels sticky and produces the same sort of action that you can expect with other premium balls.

Compared to the Tour Black model, putting is a more pleasurable experience thanks to the added softness and, not that it really matters, the Tour Green feels like a premium ball in your hand.

Onto performance and an important component for testing is whether a ball can sustain its flight and spin when hit with a lower trajectory with the irons. In this regard, golfers will enjoy putting the Tour green into play.

It’s easy to control when finesse is required and never feels like it’s knuckling in any way.


Similarly to the other offering, the Tour Black, the oversized graphics on the ball take some getting used to but that’s not to say they’re unappealing.

The design is simple, featuring a black and green Clear logo on both sides as well as sight line on the side that some golfers like to make the most of when lining up putts. On the outer layer, the ball also has a nice tone to it.

With the driver, Clear’s proprietary core design maximises the COR (coefficient of restitution) of the ball and leads to greater distance, with this offering producing good Trackman numbers. Having said that, for those willing to sacrifice some feel in the quest for ultimate distance, the Tour Black would be the better option.


The feel-oriented player will enjoy the Tour Green over the Tour Black for the added control approaching the greens and when chipping and putting. While it isn’t as hot off the driver as the Tour Black, it still performs well in this category, making it a well-rounded ball that goes some way to justifying the premium price tag.