Clear Golf Tour Black Ball

We assess the feel and performance of the Clear Golf Tour Black ball

Clear Golf Tour Black Ball Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

Hotter than the Tour Green model when hitting the driver with good spin numbers on the Trackman. If your game is to go full speed with everything, this is the ball for you. Players who want more feel with their irons and around the greens will be better suited to the softer Tour Green.

Reasons to buy
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    It feels hot off the driver, hotter than the Tour Green version. Using Trackman, it is comparable with other firm premium balls on the market.

Reasons to avoid
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    It doesn't offer much in the way of feel and is on the expensive side.

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In this Clear Golf Tour Black ball review, Nico Bollini puts the ball in play to see what type of feel and performance golfers can expect

Clear Golf Tour Black Ball Review

The firm-feeling Clear Golf Tour Black is a four-piece ball designed to give golfers the ability to launch their drives high and with low spin, while retaining some all-important feel around the greens.

And the firmness on offer is apparent straight out the box as they feel a good deal harder than the softer Tour Green ball like many of the best distance balls out there.

Even just when putting and chipping, the difference is noticeable that these balls aren’t designed with finesse in mind.

Clear Golf Balls Review


Out on the course, golfers will get the most pleasure out of the Tour Black when teeing up the driver in the quest for ultimate distance. It feels hot off the face, something which is backed up by Trackman numbers that show good distance and low spin thanks to Clear’s proprietary core that maximises the COR (coefficient of restitution).

Where golfers could struggle with the Tour Black compared to the Tour Green is when an iron approach requires an element of skill. The low spin characteristic means shots don’t always stay in the air when hit with a lower trajectory.


If this is rarely a shot you encounter and maximum distance through the bag is all important, this ball definitely fits the bill, but it still offers the level of short game control you expect from a premium golf ball.

In terms of design, the graphics on both of Clear’s balls will take some getting used to but it’s refreshing to look down at something different for a change.

The Clear logo on the Tour Black is coloured red and black while the outer skin also has a nice tone and, consistent with other brands, it also comes with a line on the side that players can use as an alignment aid.

For those willing to give up an element of feel, and who want to launch their drives and iron shots high and long, the Tour Black is a good option.

Nico Bollini spent nearly a decade playing golf at the highest level in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the U.S. including some top-10 finishes on the Challenge Tour.  Since leaving the professional ranks, Nico has contributed articles to The Golfer’s Journal and GolfWRX, documenting stories unknown to golfers around the world while rediscovering what attracted him to the game. Based in Laguna Beach, California, Nico has a handicap index of +5, and is sure to bring some expert knowledge, experience and superior ball striking to the Golf Monthly testing panel.