The Wilson Staff EXO II is a premium, lightweight stand bag, packed with features to make carrying fuss free and comfortable

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Wilson Staff EXO II Stand Bag


  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable to carry. The stand trigger ensures rock-solid stability, and there's ample space for accessories.


  • Be careful what you store in the open pocket as it's not very secure. Not waterproof.


Wilson Staff EXO II Stand Bag


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Wilson Staff EXO II Stand Bag Review

Golfers can be very particular with what they want from a golf bag, and any design features that aren’t quite right can soon start to grate. With Wilson Staff’s EXO II stand bag, you should have no such problems.

It ticks a lot of boxes. Firstly, it’s lightweight – just 2.3kgs – and you really notice that even when you’re fully loaded up with all your accessories. Secondly, it feels extremely comfortable on your back and shoulders, which is down to the 3D foam padded straps and hip pad.

Wilson Staff EXO II Stand Bag

The other important factor with a stand bag is its stability – no one wants to constantly be forcefully placing their bag on the ground in order for the legs to kick out. Nor do you want to turn around after playing a shot and see that your bag has toppled over.

The EXO II features an improved stand mechanism, a completely redesigned stand trigger and a non-skid base, so when you pop your bag down the legs are deployed further out for rock-solid stability – and this is a big plus. In fact, even if you hit the ball all over the place and find yourself in some pretty uneven spots, you should find the legs are up to the task.

Wilson Staff EXO II Stand Bag

Elsewhere, the storage pockets are nice and deep, so you don’t feel like anything could escape, apart from the one that’s open, which will take a drink, but you’d probably be wise not to store anything too valuable in it, such as a GPS device.

There are seven pockets in total, all easily accessible, including a DryTech waterproof valuables pocket and full-length garment pocket. So, if you’re someone who likes to carry a lot of gear, you won’t find yourself jamming clothing in and worrying about splitting the seams or breaking the zips.


The fact it isn’t fully waterproof will be a concern for some who play in all weathers, but the valuables pocket will at least keep your non-golf essential items dry and the included hood should help keep a passing shower at bay.

In summary, the Wilson Staff EXO II has everything you need in a stand bag and makes carrying even more pleasurable. It’s available in a number of really smart colours, too, although the red, white and blue [pictured above] would be our favourite.


A bag that somehow manages to make the load on your back feel lighter. It's hard to pick holes in any aspect of its functionality and performance - apart from not being fully waterproof. With its rock-solid stability, impressive comfort levels and ample storage space, it offers everything you need in an affordable stand bag.