Mark Townsend takes the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Carry Bag out for a test in multiple conditions on courses across the UK.

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Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Carry Bag


  • The space, it’s so roomy and, even when packed to the brim, is still so light if you prefer to carry


  • We're being a bit picky, but a two-way zip would be handy for the main ball pocket


Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag


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Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Carry Bag Review

There are five colours to choose from and we tested this very striking electric blue and white option. The first thing to appreciate is quite how light this is at at 2kg but there is still bundles of space with a four-way top.

This is a proper golfer’s bag with everything in the right place and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it.

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How often does your bag leave very little space for any drinks meaning that you have to restock or just go thirsty? This has a particularly sizeable ‘hydration pouch’ with room for a large bottle of whatever takes your fancy.

And the velour-lined valuables pocket is split into two so there’s a place for your loose change, phone and wallet etc. Otherwise there is a full length clothing pocket that will easily take a set of waterproofs with room for your other bits and the glove/hat pocket is noticeably deep.

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To carry it has an X-Strap fitted dual strap and there’s even a padded hip part so your clubs aren’t constantly clanking against your body. Other nice touches are a small hook to attach your club-cleaning brushes or your bag tags and your umbrella can easily be hidden away.

But I found where it really came into its own was on a wet and miserable day where it kept our clubs dry from four hours in the rain.

The rain hood, with a two-way zip, doesn’t just slip over the clubs before slowly coming loose, there are velcro attachments all the way around the top of the bag and a very secure one around the grab handle. All seams are then taped and sealed. Eighteen holes later and no rain had made its way into the bag and every grip was dry.

The seam sealed pockets on the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Carry Bag work flawlessly

There is also a velcro leg lock system which is a great bonus for when you’re transporting your clubs about the place.

This ticks absolutely every box that you want in a bag; the colours stand out and are very smart and it’s pretty much as accommodating as a cart bag for space with the practicality of a carry bag.


This does pretty much everything you'd want from a carry bag. Genuinely light to carry, plenty of space for clubs and accessories and supremely waterproof.