We put the Srixon cabretta leather glove through its paces on the golf course over multiple rounds and practice sessions.

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Srixon Premium Cabretta Leather Glove


  • Provided superb grip and breathability. Classic looks and surprisingly good durability.


  • Limited stretch along the knuckles.


Srixon Cabretta Leather Glove


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Clubhouse Golf

Srixon Cabretta Leather Glove

There aren’t too many better feelings than slipping on a brand-new golf glove before your round commences.

With so many golf gloves to choose from, you should account for many different factors. These include cost, looks, feel and overall performance and this Srixon cabretta leather glove seems to cover those bases pretty much perfectly.

The average price for the glove is £11, making it slightly less expensive than other premium cabretta leather-based gloves on the market.

Coming from an extremely well-established brand like Srixon, the quality of the glove is very good. Having played six rounds of golf and three practice sessions in very mixed weather conditions now, the glove has only really started to discolour.

The impressive thing though is the durability of the cabretta leather. Usually, you would see the leather peeling on the most affected areas (thumb, palm, and fingers). However, after well over 1,000 shots, the glove is not marked/damaged in any way, just discoloured.

The looks aren’t too bad either, following a very simple, traditional style of all-white with a red Srixon Z logo, the design is very simple and pleasing on the eye.

Another tick in the box is the comfort and breathability this glove offers. With perforations on the top of the hand, fingers and between the fingers, providing great aeration and a reduction of moisture.

Reduction of moisture is also seen in the silicon tanning process Srixon use to provide superb comfort and grip.

If we were to be picky, the only thing that we would change about the glove is adding a tiny bit more stretch on the top of it. Although the fit was very comfortable, it felt slightly tight around the top of the hand.

The criticism is a very minor one though as the tightness isn’t enough to affect performance or comfort significantly.

Overall, the Srixon cabretta leather glove is certainly one to try if you want a premium look and feel without the punchy price tag.


A fantastic performing glove that feels as good as it looks.