We test out the Original Penguin Three Strokes Polo at Essendon Golf and Country Club.

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Original Penguin Three Strokes Polo


  • The colour options are great and there’s not the usual grey anywhere to be seen


  • It might not be for the out-and-out traditionalist (but it should be)


Original Penguin Three Strokes Polo


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Clubhouse Golf

Original Penguin Three Strokes Polo Review

The back story of Original Penguin is a beauty. In 1955 a gentleman called Abbot Pederson had too much to drink while waiting for a flight and purchased a stuffed penguin that he named Pete. He accidentally knocked the head off the penguin, a helpful stewardess wrapped a tie around the penguin’s neck and remarked that it would look good on a shirt.

Pedersen then went home and embroidered this character ‘Pete the Penguin’ on to his new shirts.

Within a few years the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Palmer were wearing Original Penguin by Munsingwear. These days you’ll be most familiar with Cameron Smith, who nearly won the 2020 Masters, in their stylish clothing.

The back of the Original Penguin Three Strokes Polo

The Penguin way is very much a lifestyle brand so you won’t have any problems fitting in away from the golf course and the Three Strokes Polo range here fits this bill.

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This is a regular fit and there are no surprises with the sizing and it’s perfect for the hotter weather with a moisture-wicking fabric (30 per cent of which is recycled). There is no getting in the way of your swing, the sleeves aren’t too hugging but fit well and there are four colours to choose from – we tried the summer green heather here.

There is a classy stripe design at the back of the neck and the rib knit collar means it will fit perfectly underneath any mid layers and it holds its shape perfectly after a wash.

Again, with Original Penguin, there’s no obvious logos, just a simple Pete the Penguin on your left chest.

If you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista and you love your golf then this is the perfect blend of looking good and performing great on the course.


A classically design polo with modern performance features. An ideal polo for on and off the golf course.