We give our view on the stylish and different Original Penguin Bucket Hat.

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Original Penguin Bucket Hat


  • You’ll look a bit different (in a really good way)


  • It might not be ‘golfy’ enough for some


Original Penguin Bucket Hat


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Clubhouse Golf

Original Penguin Bucket Hat Review

If ever a brand lent itself to a stylish bucket hat then it’s Original Penguin. Given that pretty much every tour pro on TV wear baseball caps then the choice is fairly limited for the rest of us who either a) don’t like them or b) don’t suit them.

The baseball hat is very much part of the golfing uniform and that’s not always a good thing for some.

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Enter the bucket hat that ticks a lot of boxes; they’re different, they’re cool, they’re great for those of us who wear glasses and they offer plenty of protection in the baking sunshine. Another great perk is that you can comfortably wear one on holiday without it screaming ‘I play golf’.

The reversible side of the navy Original Penguin Bucket Hat.

The bucket hat, by its very nature, is quite cool. It was first conceived in the early 1900s for farmers and fishermen before, in later years, become a military accompaniment but, more recently, it has had a hand in hip hop and indie music. You’re not going to look overly cool in your golfing baseball cap but you will do in this. 

These come in two reversible options; blue and black and also a blue and very cool floral print which will light up any course. And there are two sizes which is a bit of rarity with bucket hats and is a welcome one.

I’ve worn bucket hats for years and this is right up there. Plenty of them lose their shape and just become too floppy but this is well made and has the right balance of protection and style. Being reversible adds some nice optionality but I’m a particular fan of the floral option which is really good looking and doesn’t rely on any logos or lettering to say what it’s about. 


A different look for the golf course, and one we really like. Goes great with other Original Penguin golf gear or on its own as a stand out piece of apparel.