Trident Align Transform Mirror Review

We test this simple but very effective training tool to really help you improve your putting stroke

Trident Align Transform Mirror Review
(Image credit: Mark Townsend)
Golf Monthly Verdict

The Trident Align Transform Mirror really has a lot going on for a product that can fit in your valuables pouch. It helps with your eyeline, strike and path and it can be used both indoors and outdoors

Reasons to buy
  • +

    The size

  • +

    Great for indoors and outdoors

  • +

    Immediate feedback on your stroke

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No left-handed option (coming soon)

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Trident Align Transform Mirror Review

The genius of the Trident Align Transform Mirror lies in its compact nature meaning that it can fit in any pocket of your golf bag while simultaneously giving you plenty of help to improve your stroke.

The product follows on from the excellent Trident Align ball marker which features an adjustable alignment guide so you can nail down your aim on the greens. This is really clever, it was designed by PGA professional Enda McLoughlin, and does make you wonder why nobody had previously thought of it – a lot of golfers aim further left or right than we think with up to 93 per cent of us not aiming where we'd like to. This is down to eye dominance and aim bias and explains why we will line up a putt and then stand over it and question what we've just done.

So now you can decide on a start line that you are genuinely confident in, ensure that the centre line sits perfectly at 90˚ with no tilt (this can easily throw a putt out) and match the putter face squarely to the back of the ball.

The Transform Mirror fits in the palm of your hand but still does an awful lot and is brilliantly put together. Unlike other putting mirrors it doesn’t need to go back in your locker/car boot once you've finished with it and can travel with you anywhere to make sure that you stay on top of creating some better habits on the greens.

It features a square front edge to help ensure that the putter face is aligned at address and the height of the mirror doesn’t get in the way of the stroke. It also features the Trident Align marking on it to help with getting your alignment spot on.

Underneath it has four stems which can be used in a variety of ways. Tiger Woods’ go-to putting drill is the straightforward gate one which helps him find the centre of the putter face every time – something that most of us overlook far too much. The tees can be moved to improve your margin for error so, as your stroke improves, you can set them up against the heel and toe of the putter to really start hitting some great putts. 

There are also four poles included so you can practise your putting indoors. Whereas some other similar products provide rubber cones or nothing, the poles closely mimic tees like you would use when you take the mirror to the putting green. 

The rear stems can be moved independently to help create a specific stroke path. So, for example, if you take the putter back on the inside then this will become very quickly apparent and you can start to work on fixing this. Again, you can adjust this to provide more or less margin for error.

I got the most, visually and in practice, from having the stems straight back and just the the two front tees as a gate given that I take the putter very much on the inside in the first six inches and then have to correct myself and rely on timing the putt well. This was great feeling and seeing what should be happening in the first instants of my stroke. 

The mirror, again, is simple but very clever. One half is blacked out so if you are prone to getting your eyes outside of the ball/too far over then you won’t see anything which is immediate feedback that you’re in the wrong position. This is a key component to holing more putts. You will also notice, as I did, how much your head moves during your putting stroke and how much you don’t want this to happen. Again, this is so important in your putting but so hard to decipher what you’re actually doing.

There is more than enough here to genuinely improve your putting and there is plenty of variety to keep mixing things up. It can help on the simple basics as well as grooving a very effective putting stroke. And it all sits in a small pouch that will even fit in your valuables pouch, brilliant.

Mark Townsend
Contributing editor

Mark has worked in golf for over 20 years having started off his journalistic life at the Press Association and BBC Sport before moving to Sky Sports where he became their golf editor on He then worked at National Club Golfer and Lady Golfer where he was the deputy editor and he has interviewed many of the leading names in the game, both male and female, ghosted columns for the likes of Robert Rock, Charley Hull and Dame Laura Davies, as well as playing the vast majority of our Top 100 GB&I courses. He loves links golf with a particular love of Royal Dornoch and Kingsbarns. He is now a freelance, also working for the PGA and Robert Rock. Loves tour golf, both men and women and he remains the long-standing owner of an horrific short game. He plays at Moortown with a handicap of 6.