Cobra Pur Tour Glove

We test the excellent Cobra Pur Tour glove.

Cobra Pur Tour Glove
(Image credit: Kevin Murray)
Golf Monthly Verdict

Cobra probably isn't people's 'go to' golf glove brand. But with the Pur Tour, Cobra has produced a high quality, comfortable and long lasting cabretta leather glove at a price point that suggests otherwise

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Classic look and incredibly comfortable all while offering great feel and surprising durability.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    True to size, but slightly tight on the hand out of the packet.

In this Cobra Pur Tour Glove review, Dan Parker tests it out to see how it fits and performs out on the golf course.

Cobra Pur Tour Glove Review

Cobra probably isn’t the first brand you think of when it comes to high quality leather gloves, but it’s Pur Tour glove should quickly put that perception to rest.

Straight out of the packet this glove feels exceptional on the hand, if initially slightly tight. It is smooth and soft on the outside - as you’d expect for a cabretta leather glove - and the inside of the glove is equally soft and comfortable.

As for fit, the Cobra Pur Tour glove is very true to size and, while it may be on the tighter side initially, it quickly stretches to almost become a mould of your hand to ensure a firm and confident grip of the club.

The fit of this glove is helped by the tailored cuff which stops any excess material getting in your way above the wrist, allowing the glove to do the job in hand - another nice touch by Cobra.

We tested this on quite a warm day - by British standards - and happily found the glove to be breathable throughout. The perforations along the fingers are ideally placed to let moisture escape and we experienced no signs of sweat building up across a round of golf.

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As previously stated, this is a very soft glove, but that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. We’ve used this across a number of rounds now and found, with the right care, this glove shows little signs of early wear.

With a glove like this it is important to look after it, so keep it in a nice place in your bag and use a different glove to practice. Doing this, you’ll find the Pur Tour lasts for a surprisingly long time.

This glove sits at the top of Cobra’s range on quality and on price but, at just £14.99 RRP, it sits well below other manufacturer’s cabretta leather offerings on price.

With no discernible issues, it is really hard to fault this glove. When you then look at the price, it becomes even harder to fault.