Sandra Harrison and her friend spoke of the ordeal after being kicked off a golf course in Pennsylvania


Women Kicked Off Golf Course Respond

Two women have spoken after being kicked off a golf course in Pennsylvania, USA.

The group were ready to tee off on the back nine at Grandview Golf Club in York County when five men from the club approached them and asked the ladies to remove themselves from the premises.

The ladies believe they were being discriminated for being black.

The golf club officials say it was due to slow play but the women, who are members at the club, argued their case.

Watch the video here:

They say that the group behind them hadn’t even teed off yet but they were removed for taking a break between holes.

Sandra Harrison was filming the men after being kicked off the course. “We just want to refund your money. We’re going to refund your money,” one man said.

“No, we want to play, and we’re members. We paid a membership to play,” Harrison said in the video.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Harrison said, “He said, we’ll just refund your membership. So, then I said, um, I said do you understand that you’re coming to the only group that are African American women. Do you understand that because we saw everyone who went in front of us because we were all backed up. We saw they were all white males.”

The man in the video is seen to say, “Remove yourself from our premises in the next five minutes please.

The police left the scene after filing no charges. They “quickly determined that this was not a police issue.”

Damen Carter-Mann was playing in the group behind the women and said they were not playing slow. “Not one time, from (hole) 1 to 9, did we catch up with those ladies,” he told the York Daily Record. “If that’s what was happening, if they were targeted because of their gender or because of their race, it’s a shame. We are in 2018, this should not be happening.”

There has been a huge reaction to this story in the USA.

John Legend wrote on Twitter, “Please stop calling the police on black people who are just trying to live. Please. Stop. Police shoot us for no f****** reason at all. Please. Stop.”

“We’ve heard multiple stories about people getting the cops called on them for being black in public. But yesterday’s story might be the craziest,” said Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

State Senator Vincent Hughes said in a news release, “I’m just so damned frustrated.

“We have to deal with situations like this too frequently. This time, police determined it was not a matter they should have been involved in, but it is appalling that someone would call the police for a non-violent incident where the only crime was being black on a public golf course.”

Co-owners Jordan and JJ Chronister told Fox 43, “While our intention was to ensure all teams on the course were moving through in a timely manner, the interaction between our members and our ownership progressed in a manner that was not reflective of our company’s values or expectations for our own professionalism.”