Social Media Reacts To Improved Charles Barkley Golf Swing

Charles Barkley's improved golf swing
Twitter: @ChampionsTour

The former Basketball player revealed his smoother golf swing on Wednesday at the Regions Tradition.

Social Media Reacts To Improved Charles Barkley Golf Swing

Once unable to produce a flowing swing, Charles Barkley revealed his drastically improved action at Alabama's Greystone Golf & Country Club during the Regions Tradition Pro-Am on Wednesday.

Renowned for his less-than-textbook technique and signature hitch in the downswing, the NBA Hall of Famer managed to smoothly strike through the ball, pleasantly surprising everyone watching.

Posted to the PGA Tour Champions' Twitter page, the video sees Charles hit the ball cleanly down the fairway, albeit a little off centred.

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"I told you", Barkley claimed to Bo Jackson, seen in the video hugging Charles seemingly in disbelief.

"I'm going to play great all day, Stan Utley got me fixed".

Barkley hired professional trainer Stan Utley to improve his handicap, which is reportedly now down to single digits.

Watch how Barkley's swing has changed -

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Barkley's skills have come a long way when you consider how his swing used to look.

The 58-year-old used to begin a full swing before stopping mid-way through, eventually stabbing at the ball without generating nearly as much power.

Understandably, the improvement between Charles Barkley's old golf swing and his new version has left people on social media shocked.

They simply couldn't believe that he had the ability to turn around his painful-to-watch swing so dramatically.

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"Have come to grips with the fact Charles Barkley has somehow figured out his golf swing before I have," one user stated.

"Needless to say I am a bit disappointed with myself".

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"That's the first time I've ever seen Sir Charles with a smooth golf swing", another said.

"So long to that stop motion swing".

However, for some it's simply a relief that the painful experience has dissipated with Barkley's newfound ability.

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"Everyone who has ever watched Charles Barkley swing a golf club can take a deep exhale now", someone on Twitter said.


Phew, indeed.


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