Social Media Celebrates Golfer Who Walked Miles To His Course In Dreadful Conditions

The image of a man seeking a round in terrible conditions has struck a chord with golf fans

A man pushes his cart wearing shorts in the rain
An Oregon man took his dedication to play golf to another level
(Image credit: JoeyFischStix/Reddit)

In certain parts of the world, keeping your hand in with a round takes a special kind of dedication during the colder months.

Of course, there are times when even the most determined player will be thwarted by the conditions. However, for some, the urge to play can lead to drastic - some would say irrational – choices. Take one member of the public The Caddie Network tweeted about, for example.

The post shows an image of a man waiting to cross a road. So far, so normal. But this man is different. This man is taking his golf cart… in the rain… while wearing shorts! Oh, well, perhaps he just needs to cross the road and within two minutes, he’ll be warming up in the clubhouse, right? Apparently not. According to the image on the caption, he still had another mile to go! It reads: “It’s February 6th in Oregon. It’s 43 degrees. It’s raining. The clubhouse is another mile walk from here. The dude is wearing shorts. Golf season is here.”

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Even though Oregon is tucked away in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, it doesn’t get that much snowfall. Nevertheless, the average temperature is below freezing through December, January and February, so if you’re a golf fan, it’s probably wise to take any “mild” day you can get at this time of year. Brilliantly (or perhaps worryingly), it seems he’s not alone either. Responses to the tweet were almost overwhelmingly in favour of his dedication.

One response said: “That’s how we roll in the PNW!” Along similar lines, another simply read: “Welcome to Oregon golf!” while another golf lover wrote: “Fife and Oregon are clearly twinned. I see guys like him ever week at Leven. 12 months of the year!” It seems the conditions would not be for everyone, though, with one response saying: “Saving this in my 'why I live in Texas' folder.”

Regardless of your take on the issue, it’s safe to say that for some people, options like simulators just aren’t going to cut it, regardless of the conditions. Let’s just hope for this particular player’s sake he had the round of his life – and that the weather had picked up before his long trudge home.

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