New Video Captures Scottie Scheffler's Conversation With Valhalla Police Officer Immediately After Arrest

The World No.1 can be heard explaining the incident which led to his arrest prior to round two of the 2024 PGA Championship

Scottie Scheffler talks to the media after the second round of the PGA Championship
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A new video has emerged on social media which appears to show a conversation between Scottie Scheffler and a Louisville police officer moments after the World No.1's arrest outside Valhalla Golf Club earlier this month.

In the very early hours of Friday, May 17, local police had set up traffic diversions in the aftermath of an incident which led to the death of John Mills - a PGA Championship worker who was killed that morning.

Scheffler - who was not involved in the tragic accident - was attempting to reach Valhalla Golf Club ahead of his second-round tee time at the PGA Championship when he was apprehended by a law enforcer who felt he was ignoring safety instructions.

The 27-year-old was detained in the back of a police vehicle and questioned about what had just taken place.

Here is the full transcript and video of the exchange, which was shared by Golf Digest's Alex Myers.

Scheffler: "I had to loop all the way around that way, it took me about probably half an hour. So I was pulling in here, there was a police officer up there told me to come the opposite way to the traffic and then come in.

"As I was pulling in, my window was down and the officer told me to stop. First of all, I did not know that he was a police officer, I thought he was one of the security guards that was mistaken. As I was pulling by him, he grabbed my arm...

Police Officer: "Woah, stop right there. Why does that matter if he was a security guard or a police officer? If somebody is telling you to stop?"

Scheffler: "Yes, you're right, I should have stopped. I did get a little impatient because I'm quite late for my tee time and as he was reaching into the car, he grabbed my shoulder and hit me."

PO: "Trying to get you to stop, right?"

Scheffler: "Yes. It seemed to be a little over-aggressive because the entrance was open. And I pulled a little bit because I was afraid, I thought he was going to start hitting me. And I didn't know who he was, he didn't tell me he was a police officer, all I saw was the yellow jacket, I didn't know what he was doing."

Scottie Scheffler in trouble in third round of PGA Championship

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PO: "So, the thing is, he's wearing a uniform, OK? He's also wearing the same jacket that I have on that says 'Police'. Also, on that, if someone is telling you to stop - no matter who it is - you don't keep going.

"So what happened is, you kept going and you took him with you while he is a pedestrian, OK? So you took him with your car and 'drug' him, which is not a good thing, right? Listen to me, to make it even worse, he asked you to get out of the car and you refused to get out of the car."

Scheffler: "I was still not aware that he was a police officer, I was actually looking out the window of the car to actually find a police officer."

PO: "We're all right here, and he was there. We're all wearing yellow vests so you can see us."

Scheffler: "*beginning to laugh* believe me, sir, if I knew he was a police officer I would have been much less afraid, but the panic kind of set in. As you can see, I'm still shaking because I was afraid and I didn't know who he was. He didn't say 'police, get out of the car', he just hit me with his flashlight and yelled 'get out of the car.'"

Scottie Scheffler playing golf (right) and in a jumpsuit following his arrest (left)

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PO: "We're wearing a lot of police gear - that surely signifies that we're police?"

Scheffler: "Believe me. If I knew he was a police officer, I would have gotten out of the car. I don't know what to tell you other than I was a little bit panicked trying to get into the golf course and now I don't know what to do..."

PO: "Let's go back to the first point, OK. No matter if you thought he was a police officer or not... why do you think we're wearing yellow vests? So you can see us, right? And if somebody tells you to stop, whether it's a traffic guard, a security guard, anybody, that means you stop at that time and you don't keep going and stuff like this doesn't happen.

"You actually hurt him, and he's a police officer. He's got a huge scrape on his knee. He's being checked by EMS, big bruise, so I don't know. But, for you right now, the main question is if you're going to jail, and it's up to him. I don't know."

Scheffler: "Am I able to speak with him?"

PO: "No, not at this time."

Following the conversation, Scheffler was taken downtown and booked by Louisville Metro Department of Corrections before later being released and successfully making his tee time.

Remarkably, the two-time Major winner went on to shoot a five-under 66 to move up into contention at Valhalla on Friday.

However, Scheffler later admitted that the whole incident caught up with him as he carded a first over-par round since August on Saturday to drop back into the pack slightly. 

A closing 65 ensured he finished in a tie for eighth at the PGA Championship as Xander Schauffele held off Viktor Hovland and Bryson DeChambeau to claim a maiden Major title.

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