An Aussie got fired from his job for playing 140 rounds of golf during work hours

Man Gets Sacked After Playing 140 Rounds Of Golf During Work Hours

We all wish that we could play golf instead of going into the office, and this man took it to a whole new level.

Although this story doesn’t quite have a happy ending.

Australian Tom Collela managed to play 140 rounds of golf during work hours before he eventually got sacked. Good whilst it lasted though?

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He was employed by a water management company and dreamed of playing golf everyday.

One problem. He had to carry a PDA, Personal Digital Assistant, on him at all times and that was fitted with a GPS device.

But that wasn’t a complete obstruction. He just had to find a way around it, and find a way around it he did.

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He would put his device into an empty bag of crisps, and the foil would act as an electric magnetic current blocker, meaning he could play golf when and where he liked without the company knowing.

Although all this good work, or lack or work, was uncovered and his company fired him, which the Australia’s Fair Work Commissioner agreed with.

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He now apparently drives for Uber, a company that allows you to work whenever you like, so he probably works in evenings and in poor weather to allow him to golf during the day.

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