Jazzy Golfer Reveals How Pro Shops Can Cater For Female Golfers

The influential campaigner has put forward proposals that can allow pro shops to better serve and market to women

The Jazzy Golfer tees off at the pro-am event before the 2021 BMW PGA Championship
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Golf presenter, content creator and women’s golf campaigner, The Jazzy Golfer, has outlined proposals for pro shops and clubs to consider to better serve and market to women.

In a post to her social media accounts, she explained that she initially gave a presentation on the subject at the TGI Golf Business Conference at Trump Turnberry in February, where she spoke to over 100 representatives from golf courses throughout the UK.

The Jazzy Golfer outlined three key considerations in her post. Firstly, she appealed to clubs and pro shops to consider what female golf club members and prospective members want. She suggests surveying members to gain a better understanding of what should be stocked, and what women would likely buy from them. Secondly, she asked: “Are you doing enough to market to women?” Expanding on the point, she asked outlets to consider whether women’s clothing and other items are stocked, and whether there is a marketing strategy to cater to women.

Finally, she has questioned if the right environment is being fostered in outlets, making the point that women find some golf clubs intimidating. She has also asked clubs to consider whether women can enter and play competitions at the weekend, whether girls can play in clubs' women's comps and win, and whether front tees are still called “ladies tees” despite the introduction of the World Handicap System.

She concluded by appealing for discrimination to be called out to help create an environment of true inclusivity for all. She said: "It’s not the 1920s anymore, women should have equal access to the course and discrimination needs to be called out to be able to facilitate an environment in which women (and everyone) can thrive."

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The Jazzy Golfer has been a tireless advocate for women in golf since entering the game in 2017. In January, she launched the UK Women’s Golf Community, an initiative intended to bring female golfers together through local meetups at golfing venues throughout the UK in a fun, sociable environment.

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