St Thomas Priory Golf Club in Staffordshire is launching a drive to encourage more women to take up golf by offering a series of free coaching classes, thanks largely to funding from the English Golf Union.
The club is arranging two sets of six coaching sessions for ladies which will give them the basic skills of the game.
“Of our 400-plus members at the club women are under represented and across the sport as a whole far fewer women play the game than men, so I’m hoping this initiative will go a little way to redress that balance,” said director of golf, Phil Gibson.
The six, two-hour coaching sessions will be given by head professional Michael Beaumont, who will take players through every aspect of the game. Up to 12 places are available on each course, which are held during the week and at the weekend.
The initiative is being supported by PGA professional Kirsty S Taylor, who finished 81st on the money list on the ladies European tour last year.
“It’s great that St Thomas’s are taking up the cause of trying to get more women involved in golf and I hope more ladies do take part because it’s a great game that can be lots of fun for lots of women,” she said.
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