From The Golf Monthly Forum: Remembering Peter Alliss

The Golf Monthly forum pays tribute to iconic golfer and broadcaster Peter Alliss

Remembering Peter Alliss
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The Golf Monthly forum pays tribute to iconic golfer and broadcaster Peter Alliss

From The Golf Monthly Forum: Remembering Peter Alliss

Peter Alliss was the voice of golf for many generations.

He joined some spectacular company in the sporting commentary boxes around the world in the early 60s and will now be remembered as one of the very best alongside the likes of Bill McLaren, Peter O’Sullevan, David Coleman and Richie Benaud.

We spoke to the members of the Golf Monthly Forum about their favourite memories of the big man...

The course I learnt on was also co-designed by Alliss. His commentary back then often suggested that 99 per cent of pros drew the ball and most amateur golfers were fighting the slice. This course (Thorpe Wood) had OOB or penalty areas on the right on each of the first six holes. I always liked to imagine he'd had a hand in those. IainP

Final round of the 2000 Masters, Ernie Els is chasing Vijay Singh and has a tricky putt on the 18th green for a birdie. Was a very tense moment and a critical moment in the tournament. Alliss sets it up with chat about the line and pace etc. Then there's a pause for a couple of seconds before Alliss just says in a slightly high-pitched voice: "Come on Ernie! (pause) Fastest milkman in the west." There was also a putt from Padraig Harrington at the 02 Ryder Cup that horseshoed out and Alliss declared: "Robbery with a bit of violence." He just had a turn of phrase at the right moment. Tongo

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First golf I ever watched as a kid was Pro Celebrity golf on the BBC, and also Around with Alliss in the far off days. In the 90s I was a member of a course he designed with Clive Clark and he performed the opening ceremony. He stayed around after chatting to people and was really good. Before that, met him a few times around Hindhead, Haslemere when I lived and worked around there. Always talked golf, and was always good value! Of course the Jean VdV commentary lives long in the memory..and when Sandy Lyle won the Masters. A product of a different age of course.... IanM

Met him on a practice day at the 2008 Open, he was going to inspect the 17th green as some players had complained about it. Spoke to him for about 15 minutes. He gave me his full attention and acted like we’d known each other for years. Lovely bloke, will be missed. Duckster

All my best memories of him come from Alex Hay's autobiography Ripening Hay. Some ripping stories from someone who was extremely close to him. By coincidence it is also my favourite golfing biography. Golfnut1957

My favourite line was at, I think the 1995 (John Daly) Open, where a streaker ran across the 18th at St Andrews and Alliss quipped 'what a lot of fuss about such a little thing'. Ethan

BBC 2 showed him on stage, doing one of his shows, a few years ago. A wonderful storyteller. Clearly hurt by a Ryder Cup defeat, you could hear it in his voice even though it was story I'm sure he has told before. I didn't really know much about his pre-commentary days so I found it very interesting. What a wonderful life he had. Lord Tyrion

Never met the man but for so many years he simply was the voice of golf. My first recollection will be being allowed to stay up late on a Sunday to watch Pro Celebrity golf, and from there the Open and Masters coverage. I remember the delight in his voice when Lyle hit that shot into 18. HomerJSimpson

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I’ll miss him. I was fortunate to have met him and his wife Jackie some years ago when they hosted a golf day at my club for their charity supporting children with disabilities. I was fortunate to be able to have had a good chat with him - and also his wife. It was nice that in the midst of their celeb friends and running things they were happy to spend a little time with a member just chewing the cud. Think I'm going to have to get my The Essential Henry Longhurst off the bookshelf and read some of his Golf Illustrated writings on Alliss (any excuse to read some Longhurst and hear in my head his mellifluous tones). RIP Peter. SwingsitlikeHogan

He had a great way of summing up shots. I remember him commenting on a putt at Augusta. "Imagine standing on the roof of a VW beetle and trying to stop the ball on the bonnet.” jim8flog

Will be sadly missed, I loved his commentaries. Very down to earth and gave the golf what it needed with respect to perspective. Too much nowadays we over elaborate or make something more important than it actually is .. enjoy the game, enjoy the day and enjoy your surroundings. harpo_72

The off-piste ramblings were the best bits. Met him a few times, was always charming and very entertaining. Not many of the iconic voices left. IanM

Even in the days before golf achieved more popularity, you didn't win 20 professional tournaments and play on eight Ryder Cup teams without being half decent. And then he spent half a century enlightening people about the game he loved. Not just the technical bits, but the sheer joy and fun of it. A long life, well lived. fenwayrich

Gutted - a true legend and icon of the sport. Many of us will have grown up on golf with him as the main commentator. The Open and The Masters have never been the same without him behind the mic. His commentary when Lyle was winning the Masters and then the Faldo and Norman battle, and no-one can ever forget the VDV commentary. Still have a little giggle at the Zach Johnson kitchen comments. Liverpoolphil

Hard to believe but he was a bit of a rebel back in the day, he was also one of the first British pros who was purely a playing pro without attachment to a club and all its obligations. If the weather is half decent on Tuesday I think I'll play my Slazenger Peter Alliss irons in his memory. Crow

I seem to remember that Peter Alliss credited Henry Longhurst for the advice that ‘good golf doesn't need talking about’. And at times he did just that; talked about the golf without talking about the golf. He was a joy to listen to, had a devilish wit to him and his love for the game was obvious. I happened to be watching the match when he came out with the Carol Vorderman quote; absolutely priceless. On the one occasion I was fortunate enough to meet him he was an absolute gentleman and made the time to chat, treating me like an old friend. We have been privileged to have him commentate on golf for us. Thanks for some wonderful memories Peter, rest in peace sir. Blue in Munich

As with all great commentators they had a way of making you feel like you were there with the players, be it the aforementioned Bill McLaren,or Brian Johnston, or Peter O'Sullievan or Dan Maskell to name but a few. With PA you not only got the golf commentary but also his anecdotes on golfers of old. He will be sorely missed when watching the Open next year. Norrin Radd

I will raise my glass to him when I sit down for my beer tonight. I wasn’t going to have one but now will. I remember thinking he looked well and began to sound well as he commentated the latter parts of the Masters. I will hold the glass as high as I can tonight. ScienceBoy

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