Don't expect to play golf soon....

Bad News For Golf’s Re-Opening – New Exercise Restrictions Coming

After a couple of potential positives for golf last week, it is now looking increasingly unlikely to return before the end of lockdown.

The news of the petition for courses to re-open surpassing 100,000 signatures and fishing being allowed offered up some hope that golf could be coming back.

However, the Guardian is reporting that new exercise restrictions are set to come in and they will likely end golf’s chances of coming back.

A ban on members of the public walking or exercising with anyone outside of their household in England is, according to the Guardian’s sources, “under active consideration’’ and “could be introduced imminently”.

This would mean a return to the original March lockdown rules where people were only allowed out once per day on their own or with their household.

It is unclear whether any time restrictions will be included but it does, you would think, end the hopes of golf being played any time soon.

England Golf’s CEO Jeremy Tomlinson last week said closing courses was “an opportunity missed,” with more than two million golfers currently missing out on the well-known physical and mental health benefits the game delivers.

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Courses have been closed in England since 5th January and will remain closed until at least mid-February as things stand.

Covid-19 cases and daily deaths in England reached an all-time high last week, so it comes as no surprise that more restrictions appear to be on the way.

Courses are currently open in Scotland for two ball play and household groups, with golf closed in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.