Futuristic Cobra King LTD driver revealed

The Cobra King LTD driver was inspired by Space research

Cobra King LTD driver
The new Cobra King LTD driver

Inspired by research in Space, Cobra has revealed the Cobra King LTD driver, which features breakthrough technologies that help make it the lowest CG driver on the market

Always one to push boundaries, Cobra Golf went into Space to research the new ideas behind its innovative Cobra King LTD driver.

This included teaming up with two Space companies on a material research investigation that was on the International Space Station for six weeks.

Taking design inspiration from that trip, the Cobra King LTD driver features a Space Port window on the sole that allowed Cobra's R&D team to strategically position the Centre of Gravity (CG) lower, while also making its internal technology visible for the first time.

The Space Port consists of a 16g aerospace grade aluminium dual-purpose weight and translucent port, which let you view the inside of the head for the first time.

By removing the port, you can visually access all the technology that would normally be hidden away, like the inside of the 811 Titanium E9 Face, Low CG Hosel, and Textreme Carbon Fibre Crown.

Cobra King LTD driver

The crown design of the King LTD driver helps save weight

The design also helped more than 28g of discretionary weight be strategically repositioned where it can move the CG low and to the back.

The Space Port is locked in place by the use of Spiralock thread technology, which is designed to withstand high vibrations and loads during impact without over tightening or loosening for a better aerodynamic exterior.

Before it's locked, you can use it to fine tune your swing weight, with a choice of 0-12g Tungsten weights available for selection when it's built.

Cobra King LTD driver

The new Space Port on the sole lets you see inside the head

All in all this leads to Cobra creating the lowest CG driver on the market today.

Depending on the head configuration, the CG is on or below the “Neutral Axis”, a perpendicular line extending back from the face's centre. This ultra-low CG position improves the efficiency of the club at impact and helps you achieve faster ball speeds, higher launch angles and lower spin, which all contribute to distances gains off the tee.

Tom Olsavsky, Cobra vice president of Research and Development told GM: “We knew that if we were going to reintroduce the King Cobra it had to be something much more advanced and special, incorporating innovative technologies that would only surpass its’ legacy. And we are confident we did that with the Cobra King LTD driver.

“It is the only driver to ever reach below zero CG. By combining the Space Port with new materials, it reaches optimal performance, never been done before by any other driver to date."

On top of the Space Port, you'll find four key internal technologies that all help in lowering the head's CG position.

Cobra King LTD fairway

The new Cobra King LTD fairway

These include a crown made from an ultra-light TeXtreme Carbon composite, a material frequently used in aerospace, that is 20% lighter than a standard carbon fibre, as well as a thin, lightweight 811 titanium face with next generation E9 zoning that removes 10g from the face structure.

The hosel structure has also been lowered, while the body is constructed of lightweight 811 titanium with an optimised variable thickness sole incorporating a back weight port and 12g Tungsten weight.

Alongside this driver, a Cobra King LTD Pro driver will be launched, to offer better players added control and increased workability.

There will also be a new Cobra King LTD fairway wood, which gives you everything you get in your driver in a fairway, so there's distance with incredible forgiveness and a solid feel from the tee and the fairway.

Cobra King LTD driver specifications

The Cobra King LTD driver is available in five lofts at 9°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°, and 12°. There are also three draw settings at 9.5°D, 10.5°D and 11.5°D. RRP £349.

The Cobra King LTD Pro driver is also available in five lofts at 7.0°, 7.5°, 8.5°, 9.5°, and 10°, with three fade settings at 7.5°F, 8.5°F, 9.5°F. RRP £349.

Both options are equipped with an Aldila Rogue Black 60g graphite shaft and Lamkin UTX grip, with a variety of custom shafts also available.


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