Nike Slingshot OSS – 3-PW £549 (s); 4-PW £479 (s), £549 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits
High-polished, semi-hollow head with wide sole and progressive Slingback bar. Wide Dual Glide sole brings greater forgiveness and shifts weight back for easier launching. Thin, strong Cryo Steel face means livelier contact and allows 29g of weight to be relocated more beneficially. Rear Slingback bar moves higher in the short irons for added control.

R/H and L/H; regular or stiff steel shafts; light, regular or stiff graphite shafts.

Quite compact faces despite generally chunky looks. Lovely feel off the middle and good distance, especially in the short irons. Design isn?t miles away from a set of utilities?not a bad idea for some.
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