MacGregor MacTec NVG £169(g)

Design and Tech Benefits
A titanium face and steel body are the key to performance here. Weight is shifted back for a higher launch, low spin and greater forgiveness. A lightweight titanium hosel permits further lowered weighting courtesy of four strategically placed tungsten weights.

Available in 3+, 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods.

It sits well and produces a crisp strike, the ball fizzing off the titanium face. It seems to produce a hint of fade so beware if you have trouble with the ball moving left to right. It?s perhaps not the longest fairway wood on the market but is relatively accurate. An attractive club with a shallow face, it?s beautifully finished and the look inspires confidence at address. Looks great and feels fantastic with great crispness of contact. Loses out slightly in distance but with a reasonable price tag the MacTec is worth considering.
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