Cobra introduces Baffler XL driver, fairways and hybrids

Cobra Golf has announced the launch of a new Baffler XL driver and Baffler XL fairway woods and hybrids.

The driver features Cobra’s largest ever face design, while the fairways and hybrids boast a high MOI tungsten permitter to create a forgiving, easy-to-hit collection.  

Cobra Baffler XL Driver:

The Baffler XL has a 5,000 sq. mm, face (17% larger than Cobra’s AMP Cell) and a 21% increase in effective face area.

More of the face is situated above the centre of gravity, creating more consistent launch conditions and less spin, which translates to greater distance.

The larger face also creates an enhanced trampoline effect, creating greater consistency across the face, while a high-MOI sole increases stability for straighter hits and maintains distance on off-centre strikes.

“We increased the effective face area, lowered the CG and designed out largest driver face ever to deliver an easy-to-hit driver,” said Tom Preece, Cobra’s Vice President of Research and Development.

“The Baffler XL Driver is an easy-to-hit driver packed with technology to hit it far and straight.”

The Cobra Baffler XL driver (£199) has a Cobra Baffler shaft and is available in 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees in stiff, regular and right flexes.

It will be available to purchase from November 15, 2013.

Baffler XL fairway woods and hybrids:

Cobra’s new Baffler XL fairway woods and hybrids have a thin, high strength steel face with more flex for greater ball speed.

The brand has added 30% more Tungsten to create a super low CG, and a shallower face provides higher, longer ball flight with less spin. Oversize rails and a pronounced leading edge also make the Baffler XL fairways and hybrids easy to hit.

“The Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids were designed with the specific intent to make golf easier,” said Tom Preece, Cobra’s Vice President of Research and Development.

“We achieved that through the combination of a high MOI clubhead, low CG, pronounced rails and increased tungsten in the perimeter .

“All these technologies work together to increase ball speed, lower spin, improve confidence at address and ultimately make the ball go farther and make golf easier and more enjoyable.”

The Baffler fairway (£149) is available in four models and three shaft flexes. The Baffler Hybrid (£129) is valuable from 2-7H in stiff, regular and light shafts.