Cobra AMP driver launched

Cobra has launched the new AMP driver and AMP Offset driver that offers customised distance and accuracy

Cobra AMP driver

Cobra has launched the new AMP driver that promises to offer customised distance and accuracy to golfers.

The new Cobra AMP driver is sure to stand out on the golf course with its black PVD and vibrant orange details on both the shaft, club head and grip.

Featuring Cobra's E9 Face Technology with dual roll it has altered the shape of the club face to increase the sweet spot by 30%, which generates more distance, accuracy and forgiveness from the tee.

Golfers will also be able to customise the face angle of their club head to open, neutral or closed to optimise ball flight thanks to Adjustable Flight Technology.

The Cobra AMP driver also comes with a new feature called AMP Speed Tuning. This works in conjunction with the shaft of the club to optimise performance in the varying loft options available.

There is also an offset version of the Cobra AMP driver which has been designed for golfers with a tendency to hit a slice. The AMP Offset driver squares the head through impact which reduces the effects of a slice and also has a unique crown design to assist with alignment for those who may struggle with their aim on the tee.

The Cobra AMP driver is available throughout the UK & Ireland from February 10th 2012 and has an RRP of £259.

To find your nearest stockist please visit Cobra Golf.

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