10 Biggest Golf Gear Myths

In this video Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman offer some pointers about your equipment choices.

10 Biggest Golf Gear Myths
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In this video Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman offer some pointers about your equipment choices.

10 Biggest Golf Gear Myths

Many golfers have ideas about what might be best for them but sometimes these can be based on pre-conceptions that are wrong.

Of course, this can lead to you spending money on golf gear that isn't quite right for you. In this video they look at what the 10 biggest golf gear myths are!

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10. Higher handicappers = More forgiving golf clubs

There are lots of reasons why a player might have a higher handicap, it doesn't always come down to ball-striking.

The gap in your game might be based around short-game or putting, so there is more to think about here and it would be wise for you to think about what the gaps are in your game rather than just immediately assuming a forgiving set of golf clubs will solve the problem.

9. Everyone needs a lower spinning driver

Some golfers will definitely benefit from lowering their spin to maximise carry distance, but actually many more will benefit by optimising the spin they generate, and finding out how to best combine that with the launch angle and ball speed they  produce.

Therefore for many people, if they take spin off their drives then this could actually be detrimental to distance and performance.

The shaft is important, but not the only factor to think about

8. The shaft is the most important part

Of course the shaft is important but it is only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. For example, during a fitting the fitter has to think about variables like lie angle, lofts, weight settings and other factors because they all have an impact.

Getting the best clubs for you will take into account all of these factors so it is too simplistic to say that getting the shaft right will lead to better performance.

7. Higher handicappers = distance oriented golf balls

Many higher handicappers assume they are not good enough to generate spin around the greens and as a result they choose golf balls that are more focused on distance.

However this might not be the case because all players can create spin provided the strike is solid. This will become apparent when higher handicap players switch to a premium golf ball because there is an increase in control.

Just because you may be a higher handicap player or you struggle around the greens, that does not mean you can't benefit from the performance and the feel of a premium golf ball.

6. Higher handicappers = draw biased drivers

The assumption that draw bias drivers are meant for higher handicap players is incorrect. Draw bias drivers are purely designed for those players who tend to hit a consistent fade and want a slighter straight ball-flight and maybe a bit more distance. Or for those players who slice the ball.

Therefore draw bias drivers can be used by players of all abilities because they are designed around ball-flight, not playing ability.


Think about your wedge setup and how you can fill all the gaps you need to

5. Every golfer needs a gap wedge

A more truthful way to say this is that every golfer needs even gaps between their clubs and each of their wedges. This can depend on a couple of factors.

First, what loft is your pitching wedge? Because if it is quite strong then you may need a gap wedge to plug the gap between your pitching and sand wedges.

Second how many wedges do you want to carry? This will probably depend on what clubs feature at the top end of the bag, what course you play and what kind of versatility you want in your wedge setup.

4. "I am not good enough to get custom fitted"

This is something we hear a lot and is not true. A couple of things to mention here;

Every fit involves a series of static measurements which enables you to find the right shaft length, lie angle, grip thickness and so on. All of these things will make a difference to your game.

Second the key part of a fitting is to guard against bad shots. Whatever your bad shot is, fitters can do things to clubs that can guard against those shots.

3. Graphite shafts in irons are for slower swingers

During testing we found graphite shafts in irons to offer excellent performance. For those that swing faster they may feel lighter and the graphite may take a bit of time getting used to, but if you get the right specifications for you, then you could definitely enjoy the feel and performance on offer.

From what we have seen, there is no real sacrifice in performance provided you go for a custom fitting.


2. Finding the right putter is all about feel

Put simply, there is more to a putter than feel. The best putters currently on the market all offer good feel so we would argue that it is also about getting a putter that is the right length, finding a putter that complements your stroke, and finding one that suits your eye in the aesthetics department as well.

1. Tour professionals use different equipment to amateurs

In reality the equipment that pros and amateurs use is very similar. Of course the top players have access to the tour trucks so they can make specific adjustments and changes to their clubs.

However, on the whole the heads you can buy are the same as what the tour pros are using.


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