What To Drink During A Round
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Here's what we recommend drinking to maximise your performance on the golf course.

What To Drink During A Round Of Golf

A recent study found that when we start to sweat, we reduce our hydration levels. If these levels drop by just 2% it will affect our muscle speed, strength, coordination, and ability to make clear decisions.

With these factors making up 95% of the game, it's crucial that you remain hydrated whilst playing golf; especially during those hot, summer days.

What To Drink During A Round

Golfers should drink a minimum of one to two litres of water in a round. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

How often do golfers find themselves playing a great round but then burning out with three to four holes to go. One of the main reasons is likely due to loss of sweat and fluids.

So what, and how much, should you be consuming during your round of golf? We take a look here.


It's a pretty obvious answer, but water is the most important thing you should be consuming during your round. Experts say you should be having 250-500ml before the round commences, then 125-250ml every 15-30 minutes on the course.

Obviously, some players sweat more and some sweat less. So, with that in mind, your fluid intake should be altered depending on which category you fall into.

By consuming water during the round, the blood becomes easier to transport to the areas which need it most. Becoming dehydrated means our blood is slightly thicker, moves slower and increases our heart rate; which is not what you want when playing.

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Isotonic Drinks

When sweating, it's not just water that you are losing but also electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, and potassium. These electrolytes help your fluid balance, nerve impulses, and muscle contraction; all important aspects for performance.

What To Drink During A Round

Isotonic drinks replenish your electrolytes. (Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)

Although the amount of water you lose through sweat is much higher than the amount of electrolytes you lose, it's still important to replenish these electrolytes whilst on the course.

Isotonic drinks include Lucozade, Gatorade and Powerade. You can also find electrolytes in fresh fruit, a nutrition bar or a sandwich.

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After The Round

After you have completed the round, there is obviously one beverage that most golfers will choose: an ice cold beer.

Although this is a completely understandable decision, do bear in mind that alcohol increases dehydration due to its diuretic properties. Adding a splash of lemonade will slightly reduce this effect.

If you aren't partial to an odd beer after your round, then the best way to rehydrate is to consume a minimum of 500ml of water.

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